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How It Works

  • Expertise – a professional, experienced mapping expert will conduct each event
  • Data - capturing details of your selling space, including category layouts and store conditions
  • Communication - having detailed discussion of the desired result with you, developing this process through store walkthroughs and discovery sessions
  • Trial - conducting pilot surveys in a limited number of stores to develop, refine and confirm all your requirements
  • Flexibility - surveys will be scheduled on a store-by-store basis.
  • Time - each store survey typically takes less than a day to complete and does not impact on staff or customers
  • Timing - data is captured during normal business hours
  • Compliance – checking layout and fixture compliance
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Increase your options by gaining a clearer insight to your fixture layout and merchandisable space in each store.

  • Understand your store layouts after we carry out a survey of the perimeter of the store (contours and walls) and its layout (furniture, aisles, crate space, showroom, catwalk and storage areas)
  • With 14 office across UK and Ireland RGIS can cover all of your stores wherever they are situated
  • Create new store layouts or update your existing store layout plans to ensure accuracy of data
  • Expertise gained from thousands of macro & micro space surveys throughout the UK & ROI
  • Proven methods and history for providing accurate information
  • Ability to output store layouts directly to AutoCAD and macro space software formats.
Want to learn more? Contact us to schedule a no-obligation meeting and site visit.

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