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Property Management Book Offer

​RGIS have teamed up with Concentric Lettings to offer a book worth £9.99 for just the cost of the postage and packing.  The book is “I’ve got this tenant…” written by Sally Lawson who has 25 years of experience within the letting industry.

The book covers a number of important factors that need to be taken into consideration if someone is looking to buy a property and become a landlord including:​

Profitable Property Management
  • How to identify the best tenants
  • Which contracts to use
  • How to let the property quickly
The Law
  • Which safety regulations to adhere to
  • Understanding HMOs
  • How to handle evictions
Letting Agents
  • Understanding if they are qualified
  • How to get the best service
  • How to ensure you are protected

If the book is of interest to you go to​.



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