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RGIS Inventory Specialists Ltd awarded ISO9001 Certification 2019

RGIS store layout services measuring distance between shelving

RGIS are pleased to announce that they have achieved ISO 9001:2015.

The ISO 9001 requirements provide a set of standard elements that will guide a company in the implementation of a Quality Management System (QMS). The requirements are designed to be applicable to any company in any industry – both production and service based, and as such the requirements tell you what elements are mandatory in a QMS.  RGIS Inventory Specialists Ltd have been awarded the ISO9001 certification.



Industrial Training Centre Sub-Branch Stocktakes Training Centre Sub-Branch Stocktakes
Electronic Shelf Labelling Installation Shelf Labelling Installation
Accuracy and Price Compliance Audit Solution and Price Compliance Audit Solution
Materials and Equipment Inventory of Closed Offices and Equipment Inventory of Closed Offices
Compliance Accuracy of Internal Inventory Accuracy of Internal Inventory