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Our fully trained teams deliver hands-on solutions needed to complete a wide variety of healthcare stocktaking and asset projects, allowing your team to keep focused on patient care. 

  • Extensive experience in healthcare stocktaking and asset management
  • Healthcare stocktakes completed day or night
  • Every auditor fully trained within healthcare environments
  • Understand the need for accuracy
  • Stocktaking Services

    The hands-on resources and tools to accurately capture your stocktaking data

  • Supply Chain

    RGIS believe that businesses can make significant cost savings through labour reductions and performance improvements within their supply chain

  • Merchandising

    Retail support services which offer a complete merchandising solution for all your retail inventory needs, which enables customers and staff to find the correct stock in the correct location



Consignment Stock Checks stock used matches invoices to be paid so you don't over payConsignment Stock ChecksGP0|#cbcefce5-63ad-4ec4-826d-0b7c3c3d301a;L0|#0cbcefce5-63ad-4ec4-826d-0b7c3c3d301a|Healthcare;GTSet|#4f6522b7-1662-487f-98c8-4db4ed99fd33GP0|#8bfa22fc-c5ad-45cd-837d-b74bbd2abf0c;L0|#08bfa22fc-c5ad-45cd-837d-b74bbd2abf0c|Inventory Services;GTSet|#f5936df3-3c60-4af9-a953-8db7c87a41d1
Hospital Asset Management asset counts and asset management for hospitals and other healthcare facilitiesHospital Asset ManagementGP0|#cbcefce5-63ad-4ec4-826d-0b7c3c3d301a;L0|#0cbcefce5-63ad-4ec4-826d-0b7c3c3d301a|Healthcare;GTSet|#4f6522b7-1662-487f-98c8-4db4ed99fd33GP0|#8bfa22fc-c5ad-45cd-837d-b74bbd2abf0c;L0|#08bfa22fc-c5ad-45cd-837d-b74bbd2abf0c|Inventory Services;GTSet|#f5936df3-3c60-4af9-a953-8db7c87a41d1
Pharmacy and Chemist Stocktaking stock counts for hospital inpatient, outpatient and retail pharmacies/chemistsPharmacy and Chemist StocktakingGP0|#cbcefce5-63ad-4ec4-826d-0b7c3c3d301a;L0|#0cbcefce5-63ad-4ec4-826d-0b7c3c3d301a|Healthcare;GTSet|#4f6522b7-1662-487f-98c8-4db4ed99fd33GP0|#8bfa22fc-c5ad-45cd-837d-b74bbd2abf0c;L0|#08bfa22fc-c5ad-45cd-837d-b74bbd2abf0c|Inventory Services;GTSet|#f5936df3-3c60-4af9-a953-8db7c87a41d1
Fixed Asset Tagging the location and condition of your healthcare assets with asset taggingFixed Asset TaggingGP0|#cbcefce5-63ad-4ec4-826d-0b7c3c3d301a;L0|#0cbcefce5-63ad-4ec4-826d-0b7c3c3d301a|Healthcare;GTSet|#4f6522b7-1662-487f-98c8-4db4ed99fd33GP0|#8bfa22fc-c5ad-45cd-837d-b74bbd2abf0c;L0|#08bfa22fc-c5ad-45cd-837d-b74bbd2abf0c|Inventory Services;GTSet|#f5936df3-3c60-4af9-a953-8db7c87a41d1




Hospital Asset ManagementHospital Asset ManagementWith the solutions offered by RGIS, the hospital group could redistribute equipment across hospitals rather than buying new equipment. This is estimated to have saved them in excess of £50,000
Fixed Asset TaggingFixed Asset TaggingBy outsourcing their asset tagging to RGIS the private hospital achieved all asset data was captured, all items were logged with the new tags onto the existing database and the asset register was easier to manage as it was updated and accurate
Consignment Stock ChecksConsignment Stock ChecksThe NHS foundation trust found that by outsourcing their consignment stock checks to RGIS  they identified out-of-stock drugs that can now be monitored more closely, could identify items used and on which procedures, eliminated stock-outs, reduced management costs and had accurate stock records in real time
Pharmacy StocktakingPharmacy StocktakingThe pharmacy chain found that by outsourcing their pharmacy stock takes to RGIS there was fluid reporting across all branches, billing was simplified as it was coming from one source and accuracy levels were increased across all branches