How It Works

Enhancing the precision of warehouse wall-to-wall counts involves conducting an audit of all items and inventory. At RGIS, our skilled professionals seamlessly collaborate with your team to oversee and execute your industrial stocktake. We leverage our expertise, employ proven processes, and utilise advanced equipment to ensure the accuracy and reporting standards you demand.

Comprehensive Inventory Auditing

RGIS employs advanced technology for precise warehouse stock counts, minimising discrepancies and ensuring accurate inventory.

Efficient Data Collection and Analysis

Our proprietary tech tools including our scanners for barcodes and part number recognition, streamlines the data collection process.

Customised Reporting and Analytics

Receive customised stock reports in your preferred format for insights into turnover rates and warehouse efficiency of your wall to wall count.

Minimised Disruption, Maximum Accuracy

Minimise disruptions with our efficient stocktaking, ensuring accurate counts without major interruptions for enhanced productivity and understanding in your warehouse.


RGIS brings precision, efficiency, and advanced technology to optimise your warehouse and empower your business for success.

  • Expertise – Benefit from RGIS’s wealth of expertise, ensuring precision and insight in every stocktaking endeavour.
  • Experience – With over 65 years of stocktaking experience, RGIS brings unparalleled knowledge and reliability to your inventory management.
  • Advanced Technology – RGIS utilises cutting-edge technology, including barcode scanning and part number recognition, for efficient and accurate data collection, providing insightful analytics.
  • Nationwide coverage – RGIS have 24 local offices throughout the UK and Ireland, ensuring comprehensive and accessible stocktaking services.

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