How It Works

Good Faith Receiving (GFR) employs an auditing approach that assumes the accuracy of most supplier deliveries; enabling the goods to flow faster through the receiving distribution centre. The validation of picking accuracy is achieved by auditing a representative sample of delivered goods. Initially, the supplier invoice is paid in full, and any identified discrepancies are addressed and charged according to an agreed-upon timeline. To streamline this process seamlessly, RGIS provides audit and reporting tools.

Audit Concept

Good Faith Receiving verifies goods without a full count, relying on a strategic sample for accuracy.

Sample Selection

A small sample is chosen, representing the broader delivery, streamlining the audit.

Assumed Accuracy

GFR operates on the assumption that the majority of supplier deliveries are accurate.

Confidence Boost

By auditing a sample, retailers gain a high level of confidence in overall accuracy.

Efficiency Focus

Eliminates the need for a full count, optimising the audit process for efficiency.

Precision Assurance

Meticulous sample checks ensure precision, offering assurance in the received goods.

Reduced Work Load

Retailers avoid physically counting every item, reducing the workload associated with audits.

Reliable Verification

GFR provides a reliable verification method, balancing accuracy with operational efficiency.


Elevate your supplier deliveries with RGIS's good faith receiving checks. Our seamless process not only enhances efficiency and accuracy but also ensures meticulous recording of shrink through effective claims management.

  • We have worked in retail for 65+ years and bring unparalleled expertise to supply chain and stock-receiving processes.
  • Detailed checks and comprehensive reporting instil confidence in effective claims management
  • We provide accurate and efficient stock recording, providing enhanced visibility through intuitive dashboards.
  • Our nationwide presence, coupled with local support throughout the UK and Ireland, ensures that we are always within reach, ready to optimise your operations and elevate your inventory management experience.

Trust RGIS to optimise your operations.  If you would like RGIS to safeguard your inventory integrity, please get in contact.

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