How It Works

Unlock the potential of your retail supply chain and discover how our retail supply chain audits elevate your operations and drive success in your supply chain.

Pre-Audit Planning

Conduct a thorough pre-audit planning session to define objectives, scope, and KPIs for the retail supply chain audits.

Onsite Inspection

Engage in hands-on on-site inspections at distribution centres and retail stores as a crucial phase of the retail supply chain audit.

Data Collection and Analysis

Employ advanced data analytics tools and advanced technology to collect and analyse key metrics during the retail supply chain audits.

Identification Issues

Pinpoint and document issues such as shrinkage, overstock, and delivery inefficiencies as part of the supply chain audit process.

Recommendations and Solutions

Provide actionable recommendations and solutions for supply chain optimisation based on audit findings and data analysis.

Reporting Communications

Generate a comprehensive retail supply chain audit report, facilitating collaborative discussions to address client concerns and questions.

Post Audit Monitoring

Offer post-audit monitoring services to track the implementation of recommended changes and measure their impact on supply chain efficiency.


Audits are customised to your needs and designed to identify the exact causes of any issues you are having within your supply chain


The longer you wait, the bigger the problem can get.

  • With offices across UK and Ireland RGIS can cover all of your stores and warehouses wherever they are
  • RGIS Tablet (Paperless) Inventory provides the most transparent in-store checking process
  • Flow and Deployment process enables the Count Manager to minimise store disruption
  • Variances in the supply chain are discovered and resolved before they become problems
  • Accurate stock data you can trust
  • You get full visibility throughout the whole audit process
  • RGIS proprietary technology and bespoke programming allow for a unique customer process

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