How It Works

Third-party stocktaking of a retail warehouse offers impartiality and stock accuracy, providing an unbiased assessment of inventory levels and it minimises the risk of internal errors.

Pre Planning

Scheduling the event and preparing the retail warehouse for the stocktake are fundamental to ensure a smooth and accurate operation, whether a full stocktake or a partial inventory count.

Stock Counting

RGIS stocktaking teams employ systematic counting methods using proprietary stocktaking software, tablets, handhelds and figure lasers.

Verification and Reconciliation

Real time data can be viewed via tablets and strict verification procedures are used to ensure accuracy of inventory. Any stock variances can be resolved before they become an issue.

Post-Stocktake Reporting

Data can be delivered to the warehouse management system in any format so that comprehensive reports detailing stock levels, discrepancies, and variances can be generated.


As professional stocktakers with years of experience we offer impartial accurate stocktaking services.

  • RGIS auditors are highly trained within retail and warehouse environments for stocktaking and inventory auditing
  • Auditors use cutting-edge proprietary stocktaking equipment to ensure stock accuracy and efficiency
  • With 24 local offices throughout the UK and Ireland, RGIS can cover all your store and retail warehouse stocktaking requirements

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