How It Works

From expert packing and secure transportation to efficient stock replenishment, we seamlessly manage the entire process for you with our stock relocation services.

Comprehensive Scanning

A full stocktake to capture all inventory by scanning at the existing location before stock relocation.

Packing and Transporting

All stock boxed with a packing list per box for organised tracking and delivered to a nominated location.

Merchandising and Replenishment

All stock unpacked and shelves replenished at the new location through strategic merchandising and in accordance to a warehouse or store plan

Detailed Reporting

A comprehensive set of reports containing details on stock scanned and carton/box numbers.

Geographical Expansion

When expanding to new markets or geographical areas, we can help relocate and redistribute your stock to ensure that products are strategically positioned.

Seasonal or Market Trends

Returning large amounts of seasonal stock to the warehouse or distribution centre, can be cumbersome unless using our stock relocation services.

Store or Warehouse Closures

In the event of a store or warehouse closure, we can pack up and relocate all stock back to the distribution centre or other stores.

New Store or Warehouse Openings

For new openings our auditors can pack and transport stock from the distribution centre or other stores and ensure that all shelves are replenished and ready for opening.


Rely on a reputable company like RGIS for seamless stock relocation services nationwide.

  • Skilled Auditors: Our experienced auditors, well-versed in retail and warehouse operations, meticulously count and package your stock.
  • Reliable Reporting: Gain a comprehensive understanding of your stock transfer with reliable reporting, detailing the stock moved and availability post-relocation.
  • Proven Expertise: Benefit from our team’s previous stock relocation services experience and developed expertise, allowing you to concentrate on your business while we handle the stock relocation.

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