How It Works

Our expert in store merchandising teams work closely with retailers to skilfully replenish, strategically position, and showcase products, elevating the overall shopping experience while aligning seamlessly with a customer’s brand objectives using various different retail marketing techniques.

Planogram Implementation & Compliance

Meeting in store merchandising and brand guidelines by organising products according to a predetermined planogram and optimising product placement for better visibility.

Promotional In Store Merchandising & Point of Sale (POS) Displays

Focuses on creating displays and marketing materials to promote specific products, discounts, or sales promotions effectively.

In-Store Signage

Utilises clear and compelling signage to guide customers, communicate promotions, and provide information about products.

Seasonal Merchandising

Adapts product displays and promotions based on seasonal trends, holidays, or special events to align with customer preferences.

Brand Merchandising

Focuses on maintaining a consistent brand image through product displays, packaging, promotional materials and retail marketing.

Category Resets

Involves organising products into categories based on customer preferences, improving navigation and making the shopping experience more efficient.

Fixture Placement

Involves optimising the placement of store fixtures and displays to create a visually appealing and easily navigable shopping environment.

Field Marketing

Promotions, food tastings, new product launch and product implementation.


RGIS in store merchandising services harness the specialised expertise, cost-effective solutions, and scalable services, allowing your team to concentrate on their core competencies.

  • Advanced Technology – Our proprietary inventory tools and software are used with expertise and we can provide data analytics and dashboards if required.
  • Expert Merchandisers – Our teams are experienced and highly trained in all areas of retail merchandising, they bring with them a depth of knowledge and best practices.
  • Geographic Reach – With merchandising teams based all over the UK and Ireland we can cover all your stores or outlets.
  • Flexibility and Scalability – RGIS helps businesses adapt to changing demands, efficiently managing resources, and scaling their support up or down depending on the merchandising services required.

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