How It Works

Effective retail store stocktaking requires planning, open communication, expertise, and experience. Our retail stocktaking services are designed to meet the needs of retail operations of all types and sizes, ensuring accuracy and efficiency. Here's a look at our processes:

Store Stocktake Preparation

Our audit teams provide support to prepare your stores and backrooms. This includes organising stock and ensuring that all inventory items are accessible. This step ensures optimum efficiency and stock accuracy during the stocktake.

Stocktake Execution

Our stock auditors use our proven processes and advanced stocktaking technology. This includes tablets, handheld devices, and finger lasers. Our technology ensures that every item is counted accurately, and any discrepancies are immediately flagged.

Accountability and Stocktake Transparency

We provide real-time visibility of stocktaking data during and after the stocktake. This allows for the identification of stock discrepancies and variances and ensuring that you have a clear and accurate picture of your stock levels.

Technology-Driven Stock Reporting

Our stocktaking services are powered by technology which produces detailed reports with drill-down capabilities providing specific SKU information according to your stocktaking goals and requirements.

Customised Stocktake Solutions

We understand that every retail business is unique, so we offer customised stocktake solutions tailored to your specific needs. Whether you need periodic stocktakes, perpetual inventory counts, or a one-time audit, we can design a solution that fits.

Post Stocktake Analysis

After the store stocktake, we provide a comprehensive analysis of the results, including detailed reports on stock discrepancies, variances, and trends. Additionally, our account managers can help interpret the data and offer actionable insights.

Continuous Improvement

We are committed to continuous improvement in our stocktaking services, regularly reviewing our processes and technology to ensure maximum accuracy and efficiency. Our goal is to help you achieve timely and accurate stocktakes.

Accurate Stock Data Maintenance

In addition to our stocktaking services, we offer compliance audits, such as on shelf availability reports and gap analysis.


At RGIS, we elevate your retail store stocktaking experience with our expertise, technology, and nationwide coverage. Here’s what sets us apart:

  • Expertise: Firstly, our auditors undergo thorough training in retail store stocktaking environments, ensuring they are equipped for precise and efficient stock counts. This expertise guarantees that our retail stocktaking services are accurate and reliable.

    Experience: Additionally, with years of experience in the industry, you can trust us to handle your retail stocktaking needs. Our auditors understand the complexities of retail operations and can easily navigate them, allowing you to focus on your business and customers.

    Cutting-Edge Technology: Moreover, our technology includes tablets, handheld devices, and finger lasers developed over the years to optimise accuracy. All data seamlessly uploads to our secure iCloud, providing real-time insights for informed decision-making. This technology-driven approach ensures that your retail store stocktaking process is efficient and accurate.

    National Coverage: Finally, RGIS has 24 local offices across the UK and Ireland, ready to address all your retail stocktaking service requirements.

    Contact us to schedule a no-obligation meeting and site visit. Outsource your retail store stocktaking process today and gain the insights to drive your success.

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