How It Works

We locate, tag and record your fixed assets so you can manage them more effectively


Affix asset tags depending on the requirement, be it barcodes, QR codes or RFID


As we tag, we count and capture asset information such as make, model, condition, compliance requirements


The data can be created into a new asset register or imported into an existing register and the information updated


Any information can be captured depending on the requirement of reporting


Variance reports against your existing register to assist in data reconciliation or compliance reports based on information from the asset can be created


As well as our bespoke proprietary equipment we partner with a third party and can offer physical and digital asset management solutions


All auditors are fully trained in proven processes of asset management including asset tagging, asset verification and asset reverification


We deliver the fixed asset data you can trust.

  • We work closely with you throughout the asset tagging project to achieve your asset management goals
  • Our flexible scheduling and processes minimise disruption to service or business
  • Your staff can concentrate on your patients rather than counting assets
  • Decades of experience within healthcare, industry and professional spaces
  • With offices across UK and Ireland RGIS can cover all of your sites and locations
  • Accurate asset data you can trust
  • RGIS provide a cloud based asset management system

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