Hospital Asset Tagging and Asset Count

A UK private hospital group one of the UK’s leading independent provider of private healthcare with more than 50 hospitals and healthcare facilities. More than 6,500 consultant practices at the private hospitals, which handle more than two million patient visits a year.


The UK private hospital group needed to partner with a national company offering asset tagging services, so chose RGIS to provide the following:

  • To identify which hospital had what equipment
  • Specify where within the hospital the equipment was located
  • To determine what equipment needed replacing
  • To confirm all equipment was tagged and on the central asset register
  • National coverage required


The private hospital group partnered with RGIS to work on the hospital asset tagging project and provided the following:

  • All hospitals and then wards were contacted by RGIS to discuss preparation prior to asset count
  • All wards had precise timings to ensure counts worked around patient needs
  • Definitive reporting requirements were agreed with the hospital so Head Office could see everything as a whole and at a hospital level


By outsourcing hospital asset tagging project to RGIS, the hospital group were able to identify the following:

  • Equipment that had not been tagged
  • Items in unexpected locations
  • With the solutions offered by RGIS, the hospital group could redistribute equipment across hospitals rather than buying new equipment
  • This is estimated to have saved them in excess of £50,000