How It Works

How to weigh 10,000 tons in a few days but avoid a gigantic logistical operation involving staff and equipment? Avoiding a prolonged operational stoppage at very high costs and loss of profitability but needing to get high reliability results with low margin of error


The process consists of a laser scan whose result is a cloud of points that reproduces the scanned object. The process uses techniques common to conventional topography


RGIS transform the point cloud into volume. (Software Cloud Compare)


Separate and identify at least 10 samples
of 1 kg


Determine the weight by
volume x density = weight


Providing visual as well as data reporting

Identify the density

It is how much a sample weighs within a known volume. For example: How much does a sample of soy weigh in a 1 litre container


You want your bulk products inventory counted successfully.

  • High reliability results with low margin of error
  • The technology to count your bulk products
  • Counts that fit in with your schedule
  • Reporting in the format that you need including visual reporting

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