How It Works

Conducting a warehouse targeted count involves a meticulous audit of specific inventory, such as products, categories, locations or values for stock verification.

Targeted Stock

The stock verification required will reflect the grouping of the focused stock count

Physical Count

The type of stock to be counted will indicate the amount of time and number of stock auditors required


Warehouse targeted counts are carried out more frequently than wall to wall stocktakes or full wall to wall inventory counts

Stock Verification

Existing stock on-hand files can be verified and updated or new stock files created


Inventory reports will highlight any discrepancies or variances to be investigated and resolved

Stock Accuracy

Proprietary equipment such as scanners and tablets and software are used to ensure stock count accuracy and efficiency


RGIS deliver efficient, accurate focused stock reports following highly accurate stock counts

  • Tablet technology offers live progress updates for targeted stock counts, facilitating an efficient verification process
  • Specialised auditors trained in diverse warehouse environments
  • Proprietary counting equipment, including handhelds and finger lasers, ensures efficient counting of inventory in various shapes, sizes, and locations
  • Outsourcing targeted stock counts to RGIS allows employees to continue their everyday tasks with minimal disruption

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