How It Works

A targeted stock count offers a strategic and efficient approach to inventory management, providing businesses with accurate insights, cost savings, and the ability to make informed decisions to meet customer demands effectively.

Comprehensive Counting

RGIS can ensure total precision by counting selected products in both the store and backroom for a specific inventory count.

Efficient Expertise

Our trained employees maximise efficiency while maintaining accurate inventory assessments of the targeted areas.

Strategic Focus

We can target products based on sales indicators and forecasts for a focused approach.

Immediate Impact

Conducting targeted stock counts boosts immediate sales, providing quick wins for your business.


RGIS can perform a targeted stock count to ensure your stock file remains accurate despite seasonal stock changes.

  • RGIS auditors use advanced proprietary stocktaking equipment designed for stock accuracy and efficiency, including our own proprietary software and scanning equipment
  • Auditors are recruited, trained and developed in advanced technology and coupled with best-in-class techniques to ensure exact inventory verification
  • Tablet reporting allows the viewing of real-time stocktaking data by the customer
  • Data can be fed directly into your WMS or other reporting software for analysis  of the targeted stock count

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