Merchandising Support Replenishing Stock on Shelves

A DIY store chain in France were faced with staff shortages. To prevent the shortage of staff from affecting the margins and putting the internal teams under further strain, the point-of-sale team requested the support of RGIS. The DIY store wanted a reliable company capable of providing qualified teams to carry out the daily restocking of products in the sales area, and guarantee the perfect maintenance of the shelves.


The DIY Store chain needed a solution to support stores with stock replenishment due to staff shortages. So required RGIS to provide the following:

  • Support in moving stock off all shelves, and moving goods between the stock room and sales area
  • Restock the shelves with products without customer or business disruption
  • Giving more time for the internal store teams to focus on the core business – sales
  • To ensure all products are front-facing to promote and encourage customers to purchase more
  • Increase product availability on the shelf and improve customer satisfaction


The DIY store chain partnered with RGIS to complete the stock replenishment support project, and RGIS provided the following:

  • Provided specific safety training to all RGIS employees and provided all the necessary safety equipment (shoes, vests, gloves)
  • Removed and restocked the goods without disrupting the commercial activity (preparation of pallets and cages were completed during the day in the backroom and the shelves were restocked after the store closed)
  • Scheduled experienced teams of RGIS employees to complete various tasks:
  • One RGIS employee was responsible for unloading pallets during the day and the preparation of products by department, ready for the night teams
  • An experienced team of 8-10 RGIS employees were scheduled for the night shift. Replenishing shelves, and stocking them according to the store’s planograms
  • Audited the service performed once a month


The DIY store chain found by outsourcing the stock replenishment support project to RGIS, the following results were achieved:

  • Economical: Allowed more time for the DIY store chain’s own employees to take care of the customers and increase sales
  • Flexibility and responsiveness: RGIS utilised the workforce according to activity peak times and the goods to be handled
  • Peace of mind: Using experienced RGIS teams made up for the lack of internal staff and saved time, without disruption to the commercial activity
  • Customer satisfaction: RGIS teams provided attractive, tidy shelves, with outward facing products, and reduced stock-outs on the shelves