Replenishment and Merchandising Support

RGIS was delighted to have been able to support this grocery retailer with replenishment and merchandising services throughout a busy trading period. The labour support provided enabled the retailer to achieve its best sales in nearly a decade.

In supporting stores, RGIS provided trained, product familiar professionally trained resource which improved on-shelf availability for customers, improved shopping experience and helped to drive sales. RGIS was able to react quickly to the grocery retailer’s demand to offer a cost-effective service building upon the provision of Stock Inventory Services continuing to collaborate, innovate and build a stronger partnership.


The grocery retailer needed support with replenishment and merchandising services throughout a busy trading period, so required RGIS to provide the following:

  • Ensure optimal stock levels are available and are maximised
  • Support 70+ stores over a four week period, pre and post-sale
  • Complete 2000+ day and night shifts
  • Support sales with on stock availability
  • Support in allowing the grocery retailer’s store staff to focus on customer service


The grocery retailer partnered with RGIS to complete the replenishing and merchandising project, and RGIS provided the following:

  • RGIS worked collaboratively to schedule and plan a robust operational delivery plan, supporting stores as required
  • Dedicated teams and key roles to support the store replenishment and merchandising throughout the UK, in all departments
  • Provided induction to all team members to ensure employees were fully adherent to the required grocery store’s practices, acting as an ambassador for the customer’s brand
  • RGIS deployed 100+ employees supporting day and night shifts to accommodate the stock demands during a four week period


The grocery retailer found by outsourcing the replenishing and merchandising project to RGIS the following results were achieved:

  • Optimised on-shelf availability
  • Supported in ensuring the stock demands were met, resulting in a higher sales trend through stock on-shelf availability
  • Exceeded the grocery store’s customer service expectations, supporting the customer’s ‘brand’ while working in the store, improving customer experience
  • Quick turnaround for staff on late request supported store operations