Stock Relocation Service for Investment and Restructuring Company

A prominent financial investor and adviser, working across a broad range of sectors required the support of RGIS. Over the past 20 years the financial investor and advisor has been involved in transactions across the UK, Western Europe, Canada and Australia, working closely with stakeholders to deliver optimal outcomes. Specialising in dealing with businesses which are under performing, non-core subsidiaries, retirement sales or which are distressed.


The financial investor and advisor needed a solution to provide staff that could pack goods from a store and transport to a warehouse and replenish. The customer required RGIS to provide the following:

  • Scan all stock and box with a packaging list per box
  • Deliver boxes to a nominated location
  • Resources such as packing boxes, packing tape, box cutter (in case boxes were bundled), trolleys to assist with transporting the boxes to the van and a 2 x 4.2m moving van


The financial investor and advisor partnered with RGIS to complete the stock relocation service, and provided the following:

  • Prior to the day RGIS arranged the additional resources of packing boxes, tape and delivery transport
  • Each box was given a unique location number. As stock was scanned it was packed into the corresponding box until the box was full and the location closed off
  • Data was processed and two PDT reports were printed for each box: one placed inside the box and one taped to the outside of the sealed box
  • Boxes were loaded into the delivery transport and once there was a full load, two RGIS staff delivered the boxes to the nominated location
  • Once at the nominated location RGIS unloaded the stock and verified the number of cartons delivered with the accepting site representative


The financial investor and advisor found by outsourcing the stock relocation service to RGIS, the following results were achieved:

  • All stock was moved efficiently to the nominated locations
  • Full set of reports provided of stock scanned and carton numbers