Good Faith Receiving – Internal and External Deliveries

A national toy, clothing, video game, and baby product retailer required the support of RGIS to complete good faith receiving checks as the customer suspected errors in the supply chain.


A national toy retailer partnered with RGIS as the customer suspected errors in the supply chain which were causing accuracy levels at store level. The customer needed the following points addressing:

  • A review of the whole supply chain process
  • Internal inspections the customer was conducting were giving no visibility into the receiving process
  • Review of frequency of audits – only nine weekly audits
  • The process was labour intensive
  • Limited budget to address the issues


RGIS were already the sole physical inventory provider for the national toy retailer, so it was logical to implement the good faith receiving project for them. RGIS implemented the following for the customer:

  • Increased audits from 9 to 40 audits per week
  • Inspections occurred at the stores as shipments were unloaded – inspections completed at all stores
  • Audits were completed at warehouse as shipments were loaded
  • Audits were completely blind
  • Inspected for accuracy, proper procedures and safety


The national toy retailer found the following outcomes from using RGIS good faith receiving services:

  • The customer had better visibility into the supply chain
  • Immediate action could be taken when a problem was discovered
  • Prevented errors in receiving, especially with split loads
  • Identified safety and theft issues – pin lock, seal and load quality inspections
  • Adjusted processes to ensure accuracy, safety and quality