Wall-to-Wall Inventory Count at Central Warehouse

A leading Spanish retailer in the European beauty industry, with operations and stores in all European countries, required RGIS to complete a full inventory of all stock held in their central warehouse.


The beauty retailer partnered with RGIS to understand what stock they held within their central warehouse in Spain:

  • They chose RGIS as they were the current vendor of their retail stores
  • A tight timeline was required from Friday to Sunday –  to prevent the logistics and operations of the warehouse being impacted during the working week
  • They required the reporting of accurate information of stock levels at all locations within the warehouse


RGIS worked with the beauty retailer to complete a full wall-to-wall count of the central warehouse:

  • RGIS provided over 80 trained staff, including an experienced Supervisor and six Team Leaders over three days (Friday to Sunday), all with experience in warehouse environments – picking, pallets, bins, boxes, automatic wardrobes and bands
  • RGIS employees recounted, checked and/or audited around 20% of the inventory
  • The recount was completed by RGIS employees, whilst the checking and auditing was completed by the customer’s own staff
  • An external auditing company was also present at the inventory wall-to-wall count
  • Conducted further checks to confirm the accuracy of the count


The beauty retailer found working with RGIS gave them:

  • An understanding of their stock items and their locations within the warehouse
  • Confidence that the data received was now accurate, and validated by internal and external checks completed throughout the process
  • The ability to redistribute stock items out to stores where required
  • Satisfaction that the count was completed within the required time frame