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How It Works

We understand the importance of having the right merchandise in the right location. Macrospace Surveys provide you with reliable and quality data so you gain insight into your selling space. This includes planogram compliance validation, and data support for projects such as building or updating merchandise floor plans. This solution reports placement, linear footage and locations of planograms, and provides the data used for analysis on planogram performance to help improve store productivity.
We can help when you need to: 
  • Prepare for implementing a store planning software package
  • Provide data for building or updating merchandise floor plans
  • Understand your planogram capacity and selling space
  • Support planogram performance analysis with data
  • Validate planogram compliance
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  • Proven objective methodology and process for determining planograms
  • Over 61 years of retail experience
  • Dedicated and professional project management
  • Expert guidance
  • Strong relationships with software companies
  • Robust QA process

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