Accurate Warehouse Wall-to-Wall Count

A subsidiary warehouse providing spare parts to a large supermarket group in Australia required the support of RGIS. The supermarket group operates several retail chains, primarily concerned with the sale of food and groceries through its main flagship supermarket chain, and the sale of liquor and petrol through its express outlets. Since its foundation in 1914, the group has grown to become the second-largest retailer in Australia.


The retailer’s subsidiary warehouse needed a solution to provide an unbiased accurate warehouse wall-to-wall count within an engineering parts warehouse, so required RGIS to provide the following:

  • To provide a more cost efficient stocktake compared to previous in-house counts
  • Stock to be counted to include hoses, seals, belts and timers
  • To capture both stock and bin number locations within the reporting
  • Identify variances
  • Accuracy to be a priority


The retailer’s subsidiary warehouse partnered with RGIS to complete the accurate engineering warehouse count project, and RGIS provided the following:

  • Scheduled a team of seven experienced RGIS auditors and a supervisor for two days
  • Ensured RGIS auditors were aware of how each item was to be counted – for example by metre, weight etc.
  • Due to the time spent on line by line data entry into the customers system, because of the system capabilities, a manual paper count was preferred to be a quicker option for entry post count


The retailer’s subsidiary warehouse found by outsourcing the accurate engineering warehouse count project to RGIS, the following results were achieved:

  • Accurately counted 300 bin locations and 5,000 units
  • The customer was very happy with the accuracy of the stocktake
  • A more cost efficient stocktake was completed
  • The customer now use RGIS for all warehouse counts rather than the previous in-house counts