Agricultural Vehicle Stock Verification Service

RGIS was able to provide an accurate inventory count of all agricultural machinery across multiple dealerships for a leading corporation


The finance division of the corporation required verification inspections to confirm dealership floor plans were in line with the actual stock on site:

  • Level of machinery to check varied per site
  • Up to 200 machines on some sites
  • All 200 sites inspected
  • Monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly
  • Additional counts took place dependent on results


RGIS worked with the finance division of the corporation to complete stock audits:

  • RGIS sent one Supervisor for a 2-5 day trip to complete between 1-3 sites a day, depending on the size of the site and the travel distance between sites
  • The time spent at each dealership varied greatly due to the varying size of the yard
  • The customer provided us with a list of all machinery expected at each dealership and RGIS attended the site and verified each unit by the VIN
  • Any machinery that were not physically sighted had to be written up under a valid exception such as ‘sold’ or ‘on demo’
  • RGIS completed a multiple inspection stocktake and this is where ALL dealerships owned by the one group will have an inspection on the same day. This gives the customer a true picture of where their assets are and prevents dealers from being able to ‘move’ assets between sites


The finance division of the corporation benefited from the following:

  • At the end of each inspection, RGIS provided the client with a list of all sighted machinery, including a write up of any machines not sighted and their associated exception
  • This enabled the customer to follow up on all exceptions:
  • Chasing machinery marked as SOLD with no payment received
  • Machinery on loan but no loan agreement is provided