Asset Count for New Tenant Within Government Building

The government of a state authority based in Munich with around 1,700 employees from over 25 scientific disciplines, required the support of RGIS. It coordinates for the State Ministries advising and supervising 34 subordinate state authorities and awards grants for private and public projects amounting to over 500 million euros annually.


The government of a German state needed a solution to accurately count assets within a canteen to enable a tender to find a new tenant.

The government of a German state required RGIS to provide the following:

  • An accurate full list of all items in the kitchen and restaurant
  • Inventory to be completed in a short time-frame to enable a tender to be released
  • Reporting in a format that could be used within the tender documents to show the assets associated to the canteen


The government of a German state partnered with RGIS to complete the fixed asset count tender project, and RGIS provided the following:

  • Scheduled a team of one RGIS supervisor and one RGIS experienced auditor for three days
  • The catering supplier provided RGIS catalogues online and offline
  • The RGIS team were equipped with these catalogues and recorded all items with the correct designation in an Excel file
  • Reporting was sub-divided according to relevant room locations


The government of a German state found by outsourcing the fixed asset count tender project to RGIS the following results were achieved:

  • All assets were accurately counted, verified and location recorded
  • Any variances identified were reported back to the customer
  • With the RGIS asset list, the customer was able to carry out the tender quickly and accurately
  • The customer found a tenant at short notice who was able to carry out the handover based on the asset list provided