Drone Warehouse Verification Count with QR Codes

An international manufacturer of beauty and skincare products, with operations in 18 countries, required the support of RGIS. The company has branches covering Mexico, the United States, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Switzerland and Indonesia. Distributors are also in Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Russia and Slovakia. Currently, it has a production plant that produces around 77.7 million products annually, and a distribution centre that makes four million deliveries a year.


The cosmetics manufacturer needed a solution to quickly count stock held on high racks within a warehouse, so required RGIS to provide the following:

  • Reduce the time and cost of previous internal warehouse inventory
  • Accuracy as a priority
  • Besides the counting of all the products in the warehouse, raw materials and supplies, the company needed a cost saving approach for counting the upper sections
  • Experience of retail warehouse inventory


The cosmetics manufacturer partnered with RGIS to complete the warehouse drone stock count project, and RGIS provided the following:

  • Assigned a total of 414 experienced RGIS auditors for a 17 day period to cover the complete project.
  • Scheduled a team of 414 experienced RGIS auditors across 17 days
  • Manual count was completed within the warehouse

QR codes were created with all the information of each product:

  • Location
  • Barcode
  • SKU
  • Quantity
  • QR codes were attached to the upper level pallets and scanned with a drone


The cosmetics manufacturer found by outsourcing the warehouse drone stock count project to RGIS, the following results were achieved:

  • Scanned a total of 60 QR codes in 32 racks per level
  • Counting was completed with the drone in approximately five minutes per level, which was much faster than the traditional counting using the forklift
  • Reduction in both cost and time because there was no need to hire forklifts
  • High accuracy levels, as the count could be verified quickly