Full Valuation Warehouse Stocktake

One UK’s largest wholesale dancewear suppliers, servicing dance teachers and dance shops with quality dancewear needed support from RGIS to provide a full valuation of the stock that was held in both the warehouse and site.


The dancewear supplier chose RGIS to help provide them with the wall-to-wall warehouse count support they needed. The customer’s specific requirements were:

  • A full wall-to-wall stock count of warehouse and site
  • 500,000 units of dancewear clothing and accessories for a full valuation exercise
  • Needed to be completed per bin location
  • Variances needed to be recorded for all SKUs across multiple rooms and locations
  • A manual record was also required on paper
  • Data to be used to enable updating of site systems


RGIS worked with the dancewear supplier and completed the following:

  • RGIS managed the workflow of counting the warehouse and site, across a full weekend (48 hours)
  • Up to 40 experienced auditors were on site at any one time
  • An eight hour shift pattern was used across two days
  • Full records were kept of bin location counts
  • Results were compared to expected quantities
  • The customer checked 10% of variances for rechecks
  • Updated systems post count


The dancewear supplier were very impressed with RGIS team’s accuracy and operations across the weekend, which has now resulted in the following:

  • The dancewear supplier engaged for another count next year
  • The customer aims to introduce all stock items to be scanned for next year
  • Going forward, RGIS will scan all SKUs and create variance reports systemically for each scanned bin location
  • The future development will allow the customer to update all items from a master output file
  • Introducing this new operation gives the customer a true picture of the items in stock and where the stock items were located within the warehouse.