Inventory and Shelf Replenishment in New Warehouse

An Italian company that produces, selects and sells nuts and dried fruit has a production plant with over 65,000 square meters and 32 production lines. The customer purchased a new warehouse and wanted support in remodelling, stocking shelves and counting the stock that was going into the warehouse.


The health food company partnered with RGIS to remodel, stock and count the inventory within the new warehouse. The customer required RGIS to complete the following:

  • Complete a full wall-to-wall count of all stock within the new warehouse
  • Remodel the warehouse
  • Replenish all shelves within the warehouse
  • All tasks to be completed within the time frame of five days


RGIS worked with the health food company to complete a remodel, stock shelves and count of all stock within the new warehouse.

  • A team of three experienced auditors were scheduled in for five days
  • Remodel was completed within the first three days
  • The last two days were allocated to stock shelves and count stock


The health food company found partnering with RGIS meant the time, effort and cost of completing these activities in-house had been eliminated.

  • RGIS was able to complete the task within the specified five days
  • The data was in a format requested by the customer
  • The health food company saved two weeks of time by outsourcing the activities to RGIS and saved internal costs of €6,000
  • The customer did not need to rent additional equipment to complete the inventories
  • The health food company now had a full understanding of what stock was in the new warehouse