Merchandising Products on Exhibition Display Units

A DIY store with 34 stores nationwide offering products in all sectors including hardware, tools, electrical, heating, decoration, sanitary, plumbing and gardening. Warehouse stores with 10,400 stock items available in each store.


The DIY store wanted to benefit from the skills of a team specialising in merchandising. The specific requirements were:

  • Use experienced merchandisers rather than in-house staff
  • Position and fix products on high exhibition display panels and banners
  • Quickly set up so as not to delay the opening of the store
  • Promote the display units to increase sales
  • Establish shelves by highlighting the targeted products within easy reach of customers


In accordance with the customer’s specifications, RGIS completed the following:

  • Scheduled a team of three professional merchandisers for eight weeks
  • Positioned and fixed all the products to the exhibition display units at height
  • Personalised and adapted exhibition displays according to the planogram, seasonality and highlights of the year
  • Showcased from the smallest accessory, to the heaviest and largest


The DIY store of 5000m² found that by outsourcing the merchandising to RGIS, it enabled the following:

  • Allowed the store to open doors to the public on the scheduled date
  • Optimised the offers on the exhibition display panels and banners
  • Benefited from a practical and attractive self-service location