Merchandising Support for Store Resets

A global chain of discount supermarkets with 10,000+ stores in 23 countries. With six different districts and distribution centres in the Netherlands. There are 428 supermarkets in the Netherlands.


The supermarket chain, required RGIS to provide the following within a tight time frame of one week per store:

  • Support in moving stock
  • Stock to be moved included fresh product groups – fruit, vegetables, baked goods and meat
  • All stock to be placed back on the shelving also in fridges and freezers when the work was completed
  • Remove all existing shelf labels
  • Once stock was in the correct location, attach new shelf labels


The supermarket chain partnered with RGIS to complete the store reset project. RGIS provided the following for the supermarket:

  • Scheduled teams of between five and ten RGIS staff per store for eight hours per day
  • RGIS team removed all stock from shelves and removed shelving
  • Shelf labels were sorted into the correct order
  • Shelves were replaced based on the planogram of the store and shelf labels attached
  • All stock including frozen, refrigerated and fresh stock were placed on shelving


The supermarket chain found that by outsourcing to RGIS the store reset project:

  • All shelving, shelf labels and stock were removed and replaced within the tight timeframe of one week per store
  • The supermarket reopened the stores knowing all stock, shelving and shelf labelling was accurate and correct
  • The stores were planogram compliant