Removing Stock from Closed Store to Return to Distribution Centre

Sainsbury’s, a major nationwide supermarket chain with over 650 stores, required the support of RGIS to remove stock from shelves in a particular Sainsbury’s store that had been flood damaged.


As the flooded store had to close to customers for an undetermined time for repairs, Sainsbury’s chose RGIS to help provide them with the merchandising support they needed. The specific requirements were:

  • To provide the customer with an experienced team direct to their store to remove all stock and return to the distribution centre in totes and pallets.
  • An accurate and quick solution was essential
  • Due to the time sensitive nature of fresh and frozen foods, a cost effective and immediate solution was needed to minimise food wastage


RGIS worked with Sainbury’s and completed the following:

  • Quickly put together an experienced RGIS team
  • Worked with the in-store Sainsbury’s team to understand what stock had priority
  • The RGIS team attended the store the very next day
  • Removed all items from shelves
  • Placed items on totes and pallets
  • Totes and pallets were transported by Sainsbury’s back to the distribution centre


By partnering with RGIS, and RGIS quickly responding to all the customer’s requests, Sainsbury’s benefited from the following:

  • All stock, especially food stuffs, were quickly returned to distribution centre
  • Stock was able to be used to resupply other local Sainsbury’s stores
  • Minimised wastage and loss of money for retailer
  • Fresh and frozen foods were saved