Robotics Automation Manufacturer Parts Stocktake

​A highly specialised team that designs and manufactures flexible robotic cells required the support of RGIS. Completing studies, experiments and providing advanced solutions for the national and international market. Offering solutions for advanced computer systems, connecting robotic systems via web, such as remote assistance, off-line programming and video inspection.


The robotics manufacturer required support to complete a full warehouse stocktake of all parts, including small parts and spare parts. The customer required the following:

  • Accurate reporting of all parts
  • All parts to be counted including small parts and spare parts
  • Storage areas to also be counted
  • Automatic storage areas to be included within the count


The robotics manufacturer partnered with RGIS to complete the full warehouse stocktake project by providing the following:

  • A team of 10 experienced RGIS auditors were allocated to the project
  • RGIS scheduled three days to complete the full warehouse stocktake
  • Each day was an eight hour shift
  • Ensured all areas were counted including the automatic storage areas


The robotics manufacturer found that by outsourcing the full warehouse stocktake project to RGIS, the following was achieved:

  • A total of 199,524 parts were accurately counted
  • The customer now has a complete understanding of all parts, including spare parts
  • The project was completed within the three day timeframe