School Asset Count

A local education authority had an in-house team of six full time employees to complete asset counts and asset management, for the schools within the authority. The customer wanted a cost effective alternative of the asset management for the schools.


The local education authority needed a cost effective alternative to their current fixed asset management program for the schools within the authority region. The customer required the following:

  • RGIS team were required to replace six full time employees and lower the local authority budget for asset management
  • Perform the asset counts in a shorter time frame and at a lower cost than the current program
  • Counts needed to take place within a specific time frame. The six week school holiday, so not to disrupt the school day for staff or pupils


RGIS created an efficient data collection program that used experienced, local teams working together with administrative school employees.

  • Each selected location was completed in one day, utilising RGIS’ teams of local, experienced auditors
  • The scheduling team at RGIS, coordinated the timing of each fixed asset inventory with each of the schools themselves
  • All locations were scheduled to ensure no disruption to pupils or staff


The local education authority was able to complete asset counts in all locations across the six weeks holiday . This had previously taken a full year to complete.

  • Full time asset management positions were no longer needed.  So the local education authority could utilise those staff members for other requirements
  • All fixed assets across all buildings were inventoried in one day per location, by dedicated RGIS teams
  • The more efficient process led to better asset inventory results at a lower cost. With a better understanding of how many assets were in which location
  • Reduced over ordering and budget spend