Store Survey with Profitability Audit per Square Metre

For each store, the national DIY retailer sought to visualise the actual layout of the shelves and measure the efficiency of the allocation of space.


The retailer partnered with RGIS to verify the accuracy of the store plans and obtain shelf space performance indicators. The customer wanted:

  • Model all of its 120 stores in 2D in a tight four-month timeframe
  • Locate fixed furniture and product categories in each of its stores
  • Obtain land use reports and profitability indices by family and sub-family
  • Update the store plans already redeveloped to ensure the compliance of the installations carried out


RGIS produced the following for the retailer:

  • Three RGIS employees conducted two to three survey audits per week for four months
  • Reports of the measurements by laser reading of the perimeter of the stores (contours and walls) and the layout (furniture, gondolas, racks, aisles, reception and checkout area, showroom and podium, storage areas)
  • Updating all elements in existing plans, including:
  • Architectural obstacles present on the shelf (e.g. columns, downpipes and air conditioning units)
  • Fire equipment (RIA, extinguisher, sprinkler) and emergency exits
  • The audit of six items per gondola element to supply 2D ground plans
  • Land use plans in Autocad format, for the entire store estate
  • Profitability analysis of the surfaces allocated by family and subfamily in square metres and developed linear metre


The partnership with RGIS has enabled the retailer to obtain:

  • 120 store surveys completed within the time allocated
  • A global vision of each point of sale with location of fixed furniture and product categories
  • Reliable and usable analysis data, restored in Excel, from turnover to M² and linear meter developed by family and sub-family
  • AutoCad plans updated and immediately integrated into the customer’s database without the need to modify them