Vehicle Dealership Stock Audit Service

RGIS was able to provide an accurate inventory count of all vehicles across multiple dealerships for one of the world’s leading automobile manufacturers


The finance division of the car manufacturer required vehicle audits to confirm dealership floor plans were in line with the actual stock on site:

  • Level of machinery to check varied per site
  • Over 1000 vehicles on some sites
  • A selection of dealerships were audited
  • Additional counts took place dependent on results


RGIS worked with the finance division of the car manufacturer to complete vehicle audits:

  • One auditor was sent per 100 vehicles to get the initial count complete within a few hours
  • Part of the process was obtaining mileage for used/demo cars and also reconciling missing vehicles
  • The customer provided us with a list of all units expected at each dealership, RGIS attended the site and verified each unit by the VIN
  • Any units that were not physically sighted had to be entered under a valid exception such as ‘sold’ or ‘on demo’
  • A high level reconciliation process with paperwork evidence was required for the majority of missing vehicles e.g. whether a loan agreement was in place, and delivery receipts had to be provided by the dealership for all sold vehicles


After working with RGIS, the finance company gained the following:

  • At the end of each inspection, RGIS submitted the list of all sighted vehicles
  • Listed were also the exceptions of any vehicles not sighted via a third party online app
  • An insight as to whether dealerships were following procedures correctly, and were able to issue violations where necessary, such as:
  • If mileage on a demo car was over a certain amount and the dealership had not moved the vehicle status to ‘used’