Warehouse Delivery Checks and Pick Accuracy

A leading logistics company in temperature controlled transport and warehousing across Europe, required the support of RGIS to complete delivery checks in one of their warehouses. Deliveries of frozen food sent to many retailers were not reflecting what was scheduled to be delivered. The delivery checks would ensure that their customers were receiving the stock they were expecting


The logistics company required delivery checks for a new warehouse they had acquired. They needed the following:

  • Delivery checks required to reduce errors in deliveries to customers
  • Needed to increase their pick accuracy
  • Understand why they were having accuracy check problems within the warehouse
  • Identify training requirements in pickers


RGIS put in place a dedicated quality check process to check all deliveries:

  • RGIS attended the warehouse on delivery days: Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10am to 6pm
  • Provided one auditor on Monday and Wednesday and two auditors on Friday
  • Auditors checked delivery docket vs actual products picked
  • Sign off delivery notice and return to a Team Leader


By partnering with RGIS, the logistics company achieved the following:

  • Accuracy of deliveries were quickly improved
  • Immediately identified processes that needed to be changed to reduce errors
  • Were able to identify and train the pickers that were making repeated errors
  • Allowed them to deliver the service their customers expected with the correct deliveries of frozen food