Weighing Stock Items to Integrate into an Intelligent Checkout System

A scan and go loss prevention system supplier founded in 2014, is funded by a leading retailer in Israel comprised of a winning team; experts in algorithms, software development and retail business leaders. The supplier’s focus is on customer experience, and when customers choose a self-service experience they will not get rescans or spot checks, no human intervention required – if customers are accurate, they will be out of the store in no-time, if there is a mismatch, the AI engine kicks-in and recommends the missing products to the user.


The loss prevention system supplier needed stock items weighed within retailers so the data could be integrated into an intelligent checkout system, so required RGIS to provide:

  • Capture weight detail of each SKU (stock keeping unit)
  • Quick turnaround required
  • Validation files required to confirm weights of each item
  • To be completed within the retailer in working hours with no disruption to the retailer
  • Identify variances of weight in the same product
  • To be completed in working hours with no disruption to the retailer


The loss prevention system supplier partnered with RGIS to complete the weighing of stock items project, and provided the following:

  • Scheduled two teams of three experienced RGIS auditors for 11 days – both teams worked simultaneously
  • Set up of weighing scales in the backroom
  • One team removed items from shelves and returned the items to shelves after being weighed, and the other team weighed the items and recorded the results
  • Up to five items were weighed for each stock keeping unit (SKU)
  • Identified the weight difference between the same products and calculated the variances of the weight


The loss prevention system supplier found by outsourcing the weighing of stock items project to RGIS the following results were achieved:

  • The customer now has the specific stock weight data that was required
  • 7,000 different items were weighed
  • Due to the quick turnaround, the supplier was able to run the pilot earlier than previously expected