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RGIS Business Update: September 15 2020


RGIS, LLC, the global market leader in inventory and data collection, appoints Asaf Cohen, current CEO of International, as CEO of the company effective immediately. The RGIS Board of Directors has decided that it is in the best interests of the company to operate under a single CEO globally to enable a unified strategy, drive innovation, share best practices and pursue an aligned set of strategic initiatives and priorities between the regions. Given this organisational change, Siegfried De Smedt, the CEO of U.S. and Canada, will pursue opportunities outside of the company. He wishes RGIS and its customers continued success.


"We thank Siegfried for his commitment to our customers and dedication to RGIS during his tenure as CEO of U.S. & Canada," said John Madden, RGIS Chairman of the Board.


Mr. Cohen will continue to report to the Board and will be relocating to Auburn Hills, Michigan.

Asaf Cohen has been the CEO of International since September 2017, and has been with RGIS since 2007. Mr. Cohen has over twenty years of operational and strategic experience in senior management roles, including global sales organisation management and international acquisitions. Mr. Cohen excels at driving growth via innovative technologies and products. Prior to RGIS, he founded ISICS Software Systems in 1999, and served as CEO until 2007 when ISICS was acquired by RGIS. Mr. Cohen earned a B.A. in Economics and Logistics in 1992 from Bar Ilan University, a B.A. in Accounting in 2003 from Tel Aviv University, and an Accounting Management degree from the Israeli Ministry of Law in 2003. He commanded armored units in the Israeli Defense Forces from 1992-1997, and also completed an advanced officer's course in combined logistics from the U.S. Army Logistics Academy in Fort Lee, Virginia in 1995.


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