RGIS Introduces Ground-breaking Stocktaking Solutions, Transforming Industrial Inventory Management

Posted on 8 May 2024 by RGIS
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We are pleased to unveil an innovative stocktaking solution poised to redefine industrial stocktaking. Businesses grappling with the complexities of industrial stock management can now turn to RGIS for a cutting-edge approach.

Comprehensive and Precise:

Our new stocktaking solution RGIS Vision is coordinated by a dedicated team of skilled stock auditors employing exclusive software and state-of-the-art equipment. Departing from simply barcode scanning, we have now taken a pioneering step by introducing the capability to also scan QR codes, product codes, and part numbers with unparalleled precision.

Cost-Effective Efficiency:

We encourage those businesses still working with paper and pen to outsource their stocktaking tasks to us, and benefit from a cost-effective and efficient approach that streamlines inventory management processes. Beyond cost reduction, our solution ensures the most accurate recording of stock levels, providing companies with a competitive edge in today’s dynamic market.

Tailored Solutions and Expert Consultation:

To explore RGIS’s cutting-edge stocktaking solutions further and address specific business requirements, we invite companies to reach out to us for a tailored consultation. At RGIS, we are committed to ensuring precise and efficient stocktaking, catering to the diverse and intricate needs all industry sectors.  If you would like to embrace the future of industrial stocktaking with RGIS, please get in touch.