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How It Works

We send experienced teams into your warehouses to check your deliveries. The frequency of the checks and the areas to be checked are determined by your inventory data and accuracy goals.

  • Data – unbiased data you can trust from a third party perspective
  • Control – improve accuracy of picks within your warehouse
  • Shrink – decrease shrink by understanding where it happens and how to prevent it
  • Identify – reports to show whether the issues are internal or external
  • Efficiency – identify and correct problems to eliminate delays in your distribution channels
  • Partnership approach – leverage your resources and ours together
  • Audits –lorry, truck and trailer to help guarantee deliveries
  • Accuracy – checks to improve specifics of stock movement to increase the effectiveness of your stock warehouse management system
  • Technology – paperless inventories
  • Accountability – on-hands visibility and reconciliation performed to your specifications
  • Experts – proven management, IT expertise and fully trained auditors within warehouse environments
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Instant access to industry-leading resources.

  • Experienced project management, IT expertise and fully trained auditors
  • Flexible scheduling, the checks take place at your convenience
  • Variances are discovered, reported and resolved
  • You can get full visibility throughout the checking process
  • With 14 office across UK and Ireland RGIS can cover all of your warehouses or factories wherever they are situated
  • Partnership approach, leverage your resources and ours
  • Processes that minimise the disruption to your production or distribution
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