How to Improve Order Picking Accuracy

Order picking accuracy

Within any business there are tight timeframes in which to get a product processed and out to a customer. If a customer receives a late order or the wrong item this invariably can push a customer to go elsewhere next time they need an item.

A business needs to maximise its order picking accuracy to ensure the right product goes to the right customer within the correct timeframe.

  • All packing and picking processes need to be fully documented without errors or inconsistencies. These should be followed and adhered to by staff within the warehouse.
  • Do not mix multiple SKUs (stock keeping unit). If a picker has to search through different SKUs this can waste picking time – have a clear pick location for each SKU.
  • Communicate with warehouse staff regularly to identify if problems or errors have occurred, the reasons why they happened and what you can do to ensure it does not happen again.
  • Displaying workers’ individual and group error rates or accuracy levels can show who is doing their job really well.  These individuals could become mentors for others with higher error rates and lower accuracy levels.
  • Always double or triple check all paperwork of items going in or going out of the warehouse.
  • Have 100% product availability by having a complete stock control system in place, so then a picker does not waste time looking to pick an item that is out of stock.
  • Mange the locations of SKUs within a warehouse carefully.  Do not put the most common products in difficult places to pick; have them at ground level.

Pick accuracy is an important part of any business.By using the above guidelines, orders should be fulfilled accurately and delivered on time. Happy customers that receive the right product in the right timeframe will be happy to do business with that company again.