Compliance Audits Due to Internal Anomalies

A vitamin and nutrition retailer, required RGIS to complete compliance audits after stocktaking, due to internal anomalies. The customer was also concerned about escalating costs of having an internal audit team.


The vitamin and nutrition retailer required a compliance audit of variances completed by a third party after stocktakes. The customer’s requirements were:

  • To work with the store manager to confirm variances
  • Identify the reasons for variances
  • Complete supporting documents of variances
  • Remove fixed cost and travel expenses of the internal team


The vitamin and nutrition retailer partnered with RGIS to complete the following:

  • RGIS auditors were certified by the retailer
  • Experienced team of 40 RGIS auditors performed the compliance audits
  • Provided six inventory cycles and audits per year to all stores
  • Formal document signed by store manager to confirm variances


The vitamin and nutrition retailer found by outsourcing the compliance audits to RGIS the following was achieved:

  • Results loaded to the customer’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software in store
  • Enabled the customer to utilise the internal team of 50 people in other roles
  • Saved money on all associated costs of the internal team
  • Eliminated internal anomalies that they had prior to working with RGIS
  • Higher accuracy results