Consolidation of Inventory Data Across Multiple Stores

RGIS currently complete over 200 events annually for large home improvement and garden retailer, including store stocktaking backroom counts, warehouse inventory with drones, on-shelf availability and top 100 discrepancy checks. The requirement was to have all this inventory data collated in one place for all stakeholders to have access to the same data sets.


The DIY retailer wanted to consolidate all inventory data from multiple events and make it accessible to multiple stakeholders. The requirements were:

  • To hold all the data in one place
  • Each of the stakeholders to have the ability to view the same data sets
  • To remove the time and manual consolidation of data from the customer’s internal resource


Following discussions with all key stakeholders and understanding each of the requirements, RGIS built a personalised web-based dashboard to present data collected from all inventories, as well as additional excel data feeds direct from the customer.

The dashboard offered:

  • Summary homepage, with two language options
  • Dashboards specific to each of the four inventory types
  • Post count review of areas checked and areas counted, by region, with options to compare customer, auditor and RGIS findings
  • Ability to view dashboard by various measures – Qty, Value € and by % to total
  • Side-by-side store comparison of departmental performance
  • Store specific reporting that can be issued to Store Managers for further action


The DIY retailer found the RGIS Dashboard to be a perfect consolidated view of the inventory results. The additional benefits included:

  • The convenience of a multi-user dashboard with access from the existing customer portal
  • Displaying ‘one version of the truth’ data for all stakeholders to review performance
  • Elimination of manual reporting for the customer

The ease of use, and the access of the RGIS Dashboard, has led to the DIY retailer asking for additional features to expand the existing reporting even further.