Fixture Audit Survey for Fixture Assessment and Tracking

A nationwide retailer with 1,415 stores needed to partner with RGIS to complete fixture audits across all stores. This would enable the retailer to have a large scale store fixture audit survey to update planograms and establish clearance dimensions.


The retailer wanted to more accurately analyse and merchandise all stores. The customer needed the technology and staff for a large scale store fixture audit survey. The retailer partnered with RGIS to complete a large group of tasks across the UK including:

  • Created a merchandise database of 1,415 stores with accurate fixture sizes, fixture types, aisle and clearance dimensions
  • Data was used for fixture assessment and tracking
  • Set up planogram assignments by 4-foot section including end-caps with television marketing displays


RGIS worked with the retailer and completed the following:

  • Embarked on a one year project that included all 1,415 stores
  • Local teams visited stores with RGIS’ proprietary in-store data collection program
  • Stores were run through a rigorous quality assurance process by RGIS teams completing store surveys
  • The data was then converted and provided to the retailer
  • Scheduled 30 stores per week


By partnering with RGIS, the retailer benefited from the following:

  • Tabular reports that RGIS provided were imported directly into the retailer’s merchandise database
  • The retailer reported more than 99.8% accuracy on the next accuracy audit
  • RGIS delivered results by completing store fixture audit surveys in up to 30 stores per week at the highest standards
  • Data was delivered in native formats for uploading
  • Future accuracy audits showed almost complete accuracy in all areas