Hotel Fixed Asset Tag and Count

A luxury resort and spa required the support of RGIS. It is an all-inclusive hotel, located on a beautiful seclusive little bay on the Northern Pacific Coast, in the Gulf of Papagayo, Costa Rica. The hotel has 202 guest rooms, suites and bungalows with different categories and sizes to suit the various rates offered.


The resort and spa had recently been purchased, and the new owners did not have any record of the assets acquired. The new owners of the resort required a full asset inventory register, so required RGIS provide the following:

  • Label all existing assets throughout the hotel, in all departments with asset tags
  • Scan and count all new asset tags
  • Add all assets from the data collected onto a new asset register


  • The resort and spa partnered with RGIS to complete the fixed asset tag and count project, and provided the following:
  • Participated in three months of discussions to fully understand the customer’s requirements
  • Scheduled a team of four experienced RGIS auditors who travelled to the hotel
  • Assets were identified and labelled using a unique code on the asset tag
  • Labels were printed by area blocks (for example from rooms 101 – 150)
  • The RGIS auditors placed the label on each item and immediately proceeded to scan the barcode printed on the tag
  • Reports were generated from scanning the asset tags to create a new asset register


  • The resort and spa found by outsourcing the fixed asset tag and count project to RGIS, the following results were achieved:
  • All fixed assets were accurately counted, tagged and recorded
  • The asset count and tag was completed in approximately six weeks
  • A total of 10,567 assets were counted, tagged and recorded

The result of the count allowed the customer to gain full control of the hotel assets and enabled the possibility of executing random internal inventories using the accurate database provided by RGIS.