Nationwide Asset Count

A public entity that finances government employees purchases of durable goods such as furniture, white goods and electronic appliances required the support of RGIS. It operates through 76 offices nationwide.


The public entity wanted to understand the number of fixed assets within each office and which office the assets were located in, so required the following:

  • Fixed asset count of all 76 offices
  • Each office had 100 to 1,500 assets
  • Check all assets
  • Variances to be generated
  • Validate variances for each office


The public entity partnered with RGIS to complete the following:

  • A team of seven experienced RGIS auditors were teamed with two internal auditors
  • 18,000 assets were counted in total
  • Assets included office furniture and equipment
  • Validated all assets
  • Variances identified from original asset register
  • Discrepancies to asset information including descriptions were corrected


The public entity found by outsourcing the fixed asset count to RGIS, the following was successfully achieved:

  • All the assets owned were verified
  • The asset register updated with correct descriptions
  • Assets could be moved from different offices rather than purchasing new assets