Supermarket Inventory to Identify Shrinkage Levels

Sainsbury’s is one of the largest food retailers and have over 1100 stores in the United Kingdom, with 90,000+ products available to customers. One of the UK’s leading retailers across food, clothing, general merchandise and financial services.


Sainsbury’s needed to partner with a reliable stocktaking company because they:

  • Needed to understand the shrinkage levels
  • Required accuracy of all data collection
  • Wanted a strategic plan for compliance across all stores
  • Needed an impartial and verifiable stocktake of all stock


Sainsbury’s decided to partner with RGIS to complete stocktaking across all stores nationwide. The requirements were as follows:

  • Stocktake to cover all 1100+ stores
  • Store level staff were required to be educated in stock preparation and data management methods
  • Identify how to reduce product shrinkage
  • Product reports needed to be generated in real time
  • Analysis of both stock rooms and sales floors were required


Sainsbury’s with 1100+ stores found that by outsourcing the store stocktaking to RGIS, the customer achieved the following:

  • All 1100+ stores were counted
  • Acquired accurate real time reports of stock shrinkage by region, store, department and product
  • Sainsbury’s was ranked number one consistently in ‘Best Product Availability’ in The Grocer Magazine
  • Accounted for £2 billion in stock over the course of 1,500 stocktakes every year
  • Sainsbury’s increased profitability through less shrinkage and heightened sales