Updating Shelf Labels for all Products Across Whole Estate

The supermarket chain needed to have new shelf labels for all products to coincide with a change to their IT system. The customer needed to ensure that all labels had been changed in all stores and needed the additional resource from RGIS to physically change the labels.



RGIS provided inventories for 10 years for the supermarket chain, so it was an ideal opportunity to combine services for the shelf label project.

Due to a change in the customer’s IT system, the supermarket chain needed to change the shelf labels in all 800 stores within a set time-frame. The customer needed the following:

  • Existing labels to be scanned and logged
  • New labels to be printed and replaced with new labels
  • Checks to be in place to confirm no old labels were present


Following discussions with all stakeholders and understanding what detail the supermarket chain required about the labelling project, RGIS implemented the following:

  • Scanned all product labels in each store
  • The new shelf labels were printed and prepared
  • Labels on each shelf were changed to the new labels
  • All shelf labels were checked to ensure they had been changed
  • Smaller stores utilised teams of 7-9 RGIS staff per day
  • Stores larger than 3000m2 utilised 25-35 RGIS staff per day
  • The same team of experienced auditors were used each week


By partnering with RGIS, the supermarket chain was able to complete their shelf label project accurately, on time and to a high standard.

  • The project was completed within the tight time-frame specified
  • Checks were completed to ensure all labels had been changed
  • The supermarket chain’s new IT system was fully working, as soon as the label change had been successfully completed