Warehouse Location Mapping and Inventory Data Capture

One of the largest stainless steel manufacturers in the world, enlisted RGIS to complete an inventory of multiple spare parts and services warehouses at their industrial steel production plant.

Prior to the count, RGIS completed the location mapping of each warehouse and applied location labels. This exercise enabled RGIS to provide an accurate record of stock, and the location of that stock


The stainless steel manufacturer required updated and accurate inventory records to enable them to understand:

  • Current stock on-hand position
  • Location of stock in each warehouse with bay location identifier
  • Detail of products requiring replenishment
  • Detail of products requiring stock-reduction activity


Following discussions with relevant stakeholders, and taking into account all relevant H&S regulations and safe handling policies, RGIS implemented the following plan:

  • Utilising RGIS propriety software Data Collector, to location map all areas and fixtures within the eight warehouses
  • A team of five RGIS auditors applied the location labels in each warehouse over a period of one month
  • An experienced team of nine RGIS auditors completed an end-to-end inventory over a period of two months


By partnering with RGIS, the stainless steel manufacturer was able to:

  • Utilise the warehouse mapping to improve the location and lay-out of the products in all areas
  • Increase pick accuracy to reduce downtime and satisfy demand