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How It Works

We provide the expert auditors and equipment to deliver the detailed reporting you need.
  • Healthcare – pharmacy stocktakes performed in chemists, doctors surgeries and veterinary surgeries
  • Care Facilities - pharmacy stocktakes performed in hospitals, care homes and prison pharmacies
  • Experts – all auditors fully trained within pharmacy environments
  • Skilled – trained in all count methodologies, including exact tablet, mls and pieces
  • Robust – reporting includes location and previous comparison
  • Results – immediately available, archived and easily accessed
  • Pharmacy preparation – we support pharmacies to get ready for the count to increase efficiency
  • Performing the stocktake – fully trained experienced teams use advanced technology and proven processes
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​Why RGIS for your pharmacy stocktake?

We make your pharmacy stocktake easier while saving you both time and money.
  • Trusted third party perspective with extensive healthcare experience
  • Refined processes with validated accuracy
  • Knowledge on drug classifications
  • We work with your supplier to obtain cost files
  • RGIS proprietary technology and bespoke programming allow for a unique customer process
  • RGIS operates with complete transparency before, during and after stocktakes
  • With offices across UK and Ireland RGIS can cover all of your stores wherever they are 

Want to learn more? Contact us to schedule a no-obligation meeting and site visit.​


Hospital Asset Tracking


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